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A TV spin-off of the phenomenal hit series, "Street Fighter: The Later Years" (CHTV, 2006-08), and
based on the extremely popular video game series from Capcom, "Street Fighter Reunion" picks up the
story from where "Later Years" left off with the Street Fighters now out of retirement and having
successfully made their comeback at the big reunion tournament, their fighting skills and unique
superpowers renewed for a new millennium. This opens the door for all new action and adventure as
the World Warriors, now older although, unfortunately, not all of them wiser, encounter serious
opposition from not only younger fighters but from those who would like to take the franchise away
from them. Just as they did in the 1990s, our heroes and heroines will find themselves battling thugs,
druglords, corrupt politicians, megalomaniacs and despots, greedy corporate empires, monsters, aliens,
assassins, criminals and a host of both superheroes and supervillains, many of whom will be played by
exciting and well known guest stars.


M. Bison, the evil and mysterious head of the international criminal empire, Shadowlaw, and who
was killed by Akuma in the late 1990s, is, through the actions of his "soul sister" Rose who is
known for her incredible psychic powers and access to the spirit world, permitted to return to
earthly life after she visits him in hell to gain information that only he has which could save the
life of a little girl. The information which Bison imparts to her rescues the child from danger
and so Rose makes it possible, using Bison's laboratory equipment in tandem with her own
powers, to bring him back to life on the promise that he try to mend his ways. The Street
Fighters, who were once his enemies, now develop an uneasy new relationship with Bison who
acts as their fight promoter once again. This is not easy for Bison as they often have to remind
him that he can't just kill people at the drop of a hat anymore which,
out of old habit, he finds himself almost doing for anything ranging from somebody giving him
the incorrect change at a store to a differing opinion in a friendly conversation about sports to,
well, dropping his hat. Needless to say, he's made a lot of enemies during his last lifetime and
there are many who will try to send him back to the world of the dead, even though he's trying
so hard to reform himself.

Spanish Street Fighter star and split personality case Vega, who killed Thailand's veteran Muy Thai
kickboxing legend Sagat to save the life of Japanese Street Fighter superstar Ryu Hoshi, is arrested and
tried for Sagat's murder. The corrupt prosecuting attorney, Alan Thorpe, is running for governor and he
will stop at nothing, no matter how illegal or unethical, to speed Vega's life sentence in time for the
elections by teaming up with Akuma who wants to eliminate all of Bison's former henchmen (Sagat
and Vega down, Balrog to go) so he can isolate M. Bison and destroy him. Meanwhile Japanese Sumo
giant E. Honda, who also tried to kill Ryu after being lured by a fortune in cash during a time when he
was most destitute, is remorseful of his actions and wants to make things right again with his former
fighting cronies. He reaches out to Russian wrestling tsar Zangief who was once his best buddy and
who helped Ryu defeat Honda in the rooftop battle that took place in the previous series' finale. Back in
Thailand, a mysterious new villain has uncovered some of Bison's unfinished evil experiments in the
ruins of the mountain headquarters of Shadowlaw and plans to implement several of them to destroy
Bison's Street Fighter franchise and take over the circuit himself for his own stable of younger and less
honest fighters. One of the experiments is a genetically mutated regeneration of a cell sample taken of
Zangief during his fearsome body-scarred and 'roided up prime in the 90s intended to produce an Evil
Zangief, an army of which were to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, before Bison and
Shadowlaw were destroyed. The sinister new kingpin sets out to complete the experiment and pit him
against the Street Fighters starting with The Red Cyclone himself, the now 55 year old Zangief.

Many more dilemmas, mysteries, dangers and, yes, laughs await the World Warriors in their quest to
reclaim their worldwide status as the greatest fighting heroes of all time.

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